Societe Generale: Online and Mobile Banking in France

Societe Generale: Online and Mobile Banking in FranceWith the aim to get close to their clients in France, Société Générale, as one of the leading banks in the country, offers them award-wining online and mobile banking products, to ensure that they get the best services at ease, in whatever location and at anytime.

To use internet banking from Societe Generale seamlessly, the customer should have in IE 7 and higher, Firefox 3,6 and higher, Chrome 15 and higher versions of browsers.

The main options available in the bank’s website are as follows:

MY STATEMENTS: Check the status of the accounts; follow the expenses and income over the past 30 days.

EXPENDITURE AND REVENUE: Automatic categorization of the expenses (housing, vacation, transportation, banking, etc.); it is possible to edit and tag each operation.

MY REPORTS: Graphics of the expenses and income and their progress over time; custom reports for more detailed analysis.

MY TAGS: Sign the same types of expenditures; for example, a vacation lodging cost tagging allows to track all expenses during the holiday.

MY THRESHOLDS: Control and alert for (optional) certain types of expenses.

HELP: Assistance in creating reports, thresholds and tags. Also, context sensitive help is provided for each section.

Mobile banking of Société Générale is protected by Pass Sécurité (Security Pass) programme. Activation of mobile banking service requires the latest version of Société Générale application, which is available on Apple Store and Google Play. The application can be installed on iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android smartphones and tablets.

After it is successfully installed, the programme offers to activate the security pass. To complete the activation, it is necessary to have a valid mobile phone number and internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or Edge).
1. Choose a name for the smartphone or tablet (for example, iPhone de Jaque Dupont);
2. Click the button Recevoir le Code Sécurité (“Get the security code”);
3. Copy and paste the code from the SMS and click “Activate”.

If the security pass has not been activated immediately after the Société Générale application installation, it is possible to activate (or deactivate) it at any moment: go to Services > Security Pass > Activate (or Deactivate).

To verify (or deny) a payment, launch the application Société Générale, click “Accept” on the notification, enter the secret code and confirm the operation (or click or “Reject”).

In most cases, notifications about transactions are received in a few seconds. Otherwise, reissue the verification request on the Client Area or on the website where the purchase has been made. Remember that entering the Client Area always requires PIN. In case of changing the phone install the latest version of the Société Générale on the new phone and activate the security pass. If the number is changed too, it needs to be validated before the security pass activation.

If the smartphone is lost or stolen, immediately turn off the security pass, using one of these ways:
1. Log in to Client Area > My Profile > Security options > Security Pass > Deactivate.
2. Call 3933.
3. Apply for deactivation directly at one of the bank’s branches.

Société Générale application features Paylib. To have it ready for online payments without entering the data of the credit card, activate it from section Payments: enter a password and connect the credit card with Paylib. To pay for a purchase, log in to Paylib and confirm the transfer. The application Société Générale displays Paylib transactions in the list of other expenses.

Société Générale France also supports transfers by SMS: indicate the amount of the transfer and choose the recipient from the address book. The recipient gets an SMS with a link to a secure mobile site where he gets the RIB / IBAN / BIC. Verify the transfer from the notification.

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