Opening a Bank Account in France

Opening a Bank Account in FranceThe banking system in France is one of the most developed in the world – today it includes more than 400 banks. The entire banking system in France is under the control of the government. Banks are required to disclose the size of the accounts and the movement of capital, as well as to inform about significant transactions, especially with foreign countries.

In France, the rules for opening bank accounts are considered the same as for resident individuals and non-residents, however, each bank has its own requirements and operates in accordance with the available expertise to the citizen of a country – the bank reserves the right to open or not non-residents to open accounts.

One of the positive factors in opening an account is a recommendation by persons who are well reputed as a customer of the bank. To obtain a loan must have a full, impressive dossier to pass medical tests, go to a meeting with the representatives of the bank. Usually, credit can be obtained for a period of 5 to 15 years with a payment of about 5-6% in euros.

All credit card transactions are controlled by the national center in France, which provides current information on the whereabouts and activities of the owner. French banks pay very low interest rates on ordinary deposits (4.5%), and only in certain embodiments of the banking contract. At the same time, the depositor has the opportunity to invest in various financial transactions of his bank, making profit from 7-8% to 15-20%, depending on the urgency of the contribution and the degree of risk.

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