BNP Paribas France Online and Mobile Banking

BNP Paribas France Online and Mobile BankingSubscribing on BNP Paribas products and services in France online is fast and secure. To get online access to the services, it is necessary to download “My Accounts” application available on the App Store and Google Play.

After its installation on a Widows or Mac computer, 4G iPhone, Android or Widows smartphone or tablet, fill in the application online. After its verification by the bank, the online banking account displays information on banking operations over the last three months and the Bank Identifier Code (BIC).

Once authorized for online banking, it takes one click to transfer money through Money withdrawal at BNP Paribas branch offices is free of charge anywhere in the world.

There is a number of options for connecting to BNP Paribas France online banking:

Manage accounts: Accounts and current operations management.

Pay with your mobile: Wallet (online payments), Transfers, KIX (payments with mobile NFC in equipped shops).

Simplify your day: Spot (BNP Paribas branches locator), Accounts Coupons (shared expenses), Travel’r (trip planner), Expenses (reimbursement of business or personal expenses), Suitcase (1GB server storage of documents).

Find insurance tips: My Auto Wizard (keeps up to date the vehicle maintenance and immediately reacts on changes), My Housing Assistant.

All the transactions are automatically classified in nearly 30 categories of expenditure and revenue to better track a budget. These categories are supplied with graphics and chart for analyses and budget planning.

BNP Paribas Bank in France offers online access to the following services:

Daily Savings
– Bankbook A
– Bankbook Sustainable Development (LDD)
– Plain Savings Lodgement (PEL)
– Savings Account
– Innovation Savings Account
– Home Savings Account
– Holiday Savings Account
– Children’s Bankbook
– Home Savings Account (CEL)

How to use:

1. Complete the form online.
2. Fill in the sum.
3. The bankbook is reserved.
4. After the tax authorities check and verify that no other Bankbook A is held by the applicant, the bankbook will be opened.

Insurance, Securities and Stocks
– Life Insurance
– Savings Plans and Actions (PEA)
– Financial Instruments Account (CIF)

How to use:

1. Complete the profile online.
2. Read the general conditions of the contract.
3. Reserve an interview.
4. Receive a copy of the contract by e-mail, return it via post to the BNP Paribas duly completed and signed.
5. The account will be opened upon the receipt of the documents.

– Home Loan
– Auto Loan
– Work / Home / Planning
– Personal Loan
– Youth Activities
– Ecological Auto Loan

How to use:

1. Calculate the loan.
2. Fill in the form and get an immediate response.
3. Arrange for the credit online.
4. Access the funds in less than 8 days after the final agreement by BNP Paribas France.

Credit/Debit Cards and Related Services
– Visa Classic Card
– BNP NET Card
– First Card
– Infinite Card
– Surveys
– Personal Services
– Electron
– Cirrus Card
– Card Plus
– Humanitarian Donations

How to use:

1. Fill in the form online.
2. Confirm the application.
3. Receive a notice of availability of the agency board within 8 days.

Insurance Plans
– Auto Insurance
– Home Insurance
– Travel Insurance Mobileo
– BNP Protection Habitat

How to use it:

1. Choose a suitable option online.
2. Fill in the profile details, then confirm.
3. The insurance policy starts on the date the contract is subscribed by the applicant.

BNP Paribas France Mobile Bank
– Choose one of the 4G smartphones.
– Choose an appropriate package from the list.
– Activate KIX to pay for the purchases with NFC mobile.
– Activate Paylib to pay online: the subscription and maintenance is free of charge; the payments are posted in several clicks after entering the password and the PIN; the credit card data is available; it provides bank guarantee for card payments.

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