Opening an Account in the Credit du Nord Bank in France

Opening an Account in the Credit du Nord Bank in FranceBanking with a French bank is advised if you plan on being in the country for 3 or more months as it makes life easier for you by centralizing your money in the same country that you reside in. Credit du Nord has been providing French banking services since 1848, so it is safe to say that opening an account with Credit du Nord bank is a good way to establish a financial presence in France.

In order to open an account with Credit du Nord though, first you must ensure that you have the appropriate documents:

1. A form of formal identification such as a passport, national ID, or residence permit,
2. Proof of income in the form of an employment contract or check stub, and
3. Proof of address such as an electricity bill or rent receipt.

For those who are aiming to take advantage of non-resident benefits, you will need the following in addition to the first three documents:

1. A certificate of residence,
2. A copy of your latest foreign income tax statement, and
3. A certificate of residence given to you by an authority that is not the tax administration office (such as the city that you reside in, or your respective consulate).

Once you have acquired the appropriate documents for opening a Credit du Nord bank account, you must set up an appointment at one of Credit du Nord’s many branches in order to speak with a client advisor concerning your potential account. It usually helps to establish what kind of account you need before you open an account with Credit du Nord, so note that Credit du Nord offers two types: personal and business.

Personal accounts tend to be for daily transactions and have less terms and conditions, but also less flexibility for business-level spending and money management. Business accounts, on the other hand, tend to fit those who plan on staying in France for a while longer and conducting frequent and/or larger financial transactions. Within these two types of accounts is also the Norplus/Tarneaud Plus account, which offers lucrative travel and spending benefits for those who qualify.

1. Personal accounts: Each personal account comes with its own set of cheques and the debit card of your choice. Each debit card has individual limits and restrictions as chosen by you. Credit cards can also be issued to those who qualify during the account opening process. The benefits of each card is further explained in the brochure available at, or in the brochure that will be provided to you by your client advisor at a Credit du Nord branch.

2. Business accounts: Each business account comes with several sets of cheques as dictated by the person establishing the account, and as many debit cards as deemed necessary by the person opening the account with Credit du Nord. Each business account is different, which is why it is important to speak with a client advisor at a Credit du Nord branch if you are looking to pursue this option.

In all, Credit du Nord offers options for every type of spender. Explore your options for banking in France with Credit du Nord.

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